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A Free Online Writing Workshop For People Without MFAs

Craft Year is a free, online writing workshop that I'm running in 2023-2024 for people without MFAs. We'll be meeting twice a month in a small group setting (the cohort will be approximately 10 people) for both workshops and seminars; these will be designed to give folks without access to an MFA something akin to a workshop experience. 


Please note that this is open only to fiction and nonfiction writers who do not already hold an MFA. Please also note that preference will be given to writers from marginalized backgrounds. 


If you believe in my work, please make a small donation to Kentucky Health Justice Network (I'm helping to raise money for abortions and gender-affirming care during Fund-A-Thon, but I'll be raising money for them all year long). All donations are optional; you are not required to donate as a condition of acceptance.  

Applications for this program are now closed; all applications were due by May 1. Decisions will be made by June 1 and (as long as you submit a working email address) all applicants will be notified of a decision no later than June 5.

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