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Below is a portfolio of Megan's short form editorial work. For more information on longform projects, please see the client testimonial page or contact her at

The Audacity's Emerging Writer Series

"Public Safety" by Paul Rousseau
"Frontal Lobe Release" by Sarah Piazza 
"Haphephobia" by Olly Nze 
"What Is Lost" by Surya Milner 
"How to Name Your Black Son in a Racist Country" by Tyrone Fleurizard
"The Scream Gap" by Celia Mattison
"What Happens to Women" by Kingsley-Wynn Ukuku 
"Stories They Never Told" by Amanda Borquaye
"Lana, or the Wazhazhe ie word for 'guilt'" by Chelsea T. Hicks
"Desire Is An Unbearable Gift" by Uma Dwivedi
"Sugarcoating" by Taleen Mardirossian 
"If You Ever Find Yourself" by Erika J. Simpson 
"The Cascading Silences of Sexual Violence" by Clarie Gor

The Audacity's Essays on a Guaranteed Income series 

"Living in the Age of Uncertainty, One Aisle at a Time" by Hoang Samuelson 
"When Breath Isn't Enough" by Amy Kenny 
"A Moral Argument for Basic Income" by David Williams 

Other essays and commentary at The Audacity 

"A Family"
by Roxane Gay 
"We Need More Asian Women Superheroes" by Nancy Wang Yuen 

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