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Course materials

During my time at the University of Kentucky, I've taught both WRD 110 and WRD 111. Below are samples of materials from each course, some supplemental materials that I often use in the classroom, and several course evaluations. 


WRD 110                 


Syllabus (PowerPoint) - I often use a PowerPoint to walk students through the syllabus on the first day since it's more approachable


Documentary Assignment - this was the semesters's scaffolded class project


Documentary Rubric


Annotated Bibliography Assignment - one of the assignments students were asked to complete in preparation for the larger project


Annotated Bibliography Rubric 


Visualizing Essay Organization (PowerPoint) - an example of an in-class activity


WRD 111




PSA (Public Service Announcement) Project Assignment - this was the semester's scaffolded class project


PSA Rubric 


Outline/Storyboard Assignment - one of the assignments students were asked to complete in preparation for the larger project


Outline/Storyboard Rubric 


Case Study: "It Gets Better" - an example of an in-class activity



Supplemental Materials 


WRD 110 Classroom Activities - I put together this list for my mentees for their first semester of teaching 


"Using Evidence" Chapter from Town Branch Writing Collection - I often use elements from the chapter I wrote for the textbook for                                                                                                                                                                           classroom activities and discussion. 


The Power of Visual Argument - a PowerPoint that I provided to mentees and that I often used in the classroom; during the                                                                                                                            semester, I would change out the images so that we could discuss more broadly and practice          

                                                               students' understanding of visual rhetoric and analysis of that rhetoric. 


Course Evaluations


WRD 110 078 (Fall 2013) - This course was the first one I taught at UK, and it was when evaluations were still delivered in hard

                                                   copy, so this is my reflection on my evaluations from that semester. 


WRD 110 072 (Fall 2014) - This course was one in which I received considerable positive feedback through student comments. 


WRD 111 054 (Spring 2014) - This course didn't have a large number of respondents, and even though the feedback was positive, it inspired me to take a

                                                       considerably more proactive approach to encouraging student feedback. 

WRD 110 060 (Fall 2016) - For both of the courses I taught this semester, I still struggled with getting a large number of respondents, even though I allowed

                 and                           class time to complete evaluations. Because of this continuing difficulty, I am going to start offering students a small extra credit

WRD 110 067 (Fall 2016)    incentive if students send me confirmation that they have completed the evaluation form to see if that will bring a greater

                                                   number of responses, which will more accurately reflect the attitude and atmosphere of the class. I am pleased with the positive

                                                   feedback I received in both courses, but I'd like to encourage students to offer more productive critique.  


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